Cell Simulation Brought to Life.
To uncover the complex mysteries of life, simulations of the dynamic behaviors of cells by systems biology approach is an invaluable tool. However, since the system is extremely complex, it is almost impossible to capture the workings of entire system through traditional graphs. E-Cell 3D accelerates the understanding of the whole cell with sophisticated 3D graphics.
Seeing is Believing.
With E-Cell 3D, scientists can easily capture the dynamism in the cellular system, including the molecular concentrations of each of the components, flux and enzymatic activities, and compounds that are controlling the system that change their coordinates. Central process in systems biology is the modeling process, and this type of visualization aids the heuristics of experienced research scientists while modeling.

Intuitive programming, intuitive visualization.
Quartz Composer, available with MacOS X allows rapid prototyping of 3D graphic compositions through visual programming environment. Development of E-Cell 3D requires numerous trial-and-errors to get everything right for scientific researchers. Quartz Composer is an excellent platform for this purpose.

Optimized for speed.
E-Cell 3D takes advantage of the advaned graphics APIs provided by MacOS X, including many Quartz graphics features such as Core Image. Moreover, in order to maximize the performance of our visualization, we have also created custom patches for Quartz Composer using OpenGL for optimized performance. Critical graphics calculations are therefore processed by the vector calculations of GPU.

Only on MacOS X.
Many of the advanced technologies that E-Cell 3D is based on is made possible by the latest and greatest APIs available on MacOS X. E-Cell 3D runs on any Macs with Intel processors, including the consumer-level Macs such as Mac mini, Macbook, and iMac.

E-Cell 3 backend.
E-Cell 3 is one of the most advanced simulator for molecular cell biology, with its ability for multi-timescale, multi-algorithm, object-oriented simulations. We have also compiled E-Cell SE 3 on MacOS X.

Take control in 3D-space.
Novel interface requires a new input device. Keyboard and mouse are bound to 2D-space, and it is just not intuitive to control something from lesser dimensions. In order to take full control of the 3D-space of E-Cell 3D, we are supporting the revolutionary device by Nintendo. The Remote.

Shake, Twist, Trigger.
Remote is equipped with 3D motion sensor, so you can move, rotate, and zoom the cell simulation with the twist of your hand. Enjoy simulation experience with E-Cell 3D by invoking the Tracer windows with the Trigger behind the remote. Of course, Remote is wireless with Bluetooth connection, so you are free to go as wild as you wish (but don't forget to attach the strap to make sure you don't harm anything!)

DarwiinRemote for MacOS X.
The use of Remote on MacOS X is made possible by the efforts of the DarwiinRemote Project.

Finally, please note that you can use your legacy devices (i.e. keyboard and mouse) if you still choose to:-)

E-Cell System is a software platform to model, simulate and analyze complex, heterogeneous and multi-scale biochemical reaction systems like the cell. At its core is a multi-algorithm simulator that can execute composite models driven by both stochastic and deterministic algorithms simultaneously.

E-Cell System offers very high flexibility for advanced users to build their own plugin algorithms/routines either through Python scripting or C++ programming. Run-time simulation can also be manipulated with Python scripting. On the other hand, novice users can build models using graphical model editor and employ numerous established algorithms that are bundled with the software.
Simulations demanding high computational resources, such as when estimating parameters, can utilize distributed computing technology through its multi-session simulation tool.

Learn more (E-Cell Project site) >>

E-Cell 3D Demo Software for MacOS X on Intel-based Macs.

E-Cell 3D demo software is available here until we are ready with the full version.
This demo is a fully functional E-Cell 3D software equipped with the circadian
oscillation model of Drosophila by Ueda et al. (2001, Journal of Theoretical Biology),
but currently the model cannot be changed.

Source code for this release is available here.

MacOS X Tiger (10.4) MacOS X Leopard (10.5) MacOS X SnowLeopard (10.6)

E-Cell 3 for MacOS X (10.4) on Intel-based Macs.

E-Cell Simulation Environment 3.1.105 is finally available for MacOS X.
This package install everything you need to run E-Cell 3 with GUI.
Please note, this installation is not compatible with fink. If you have installed
fink in your computer, please remove it before installing. Source code is also installed in /sw directory.